La Concia apartments in Tuscany
Terms and conditions

1. Application of terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the agreements and services of La Concia, unless both parties have explicitly agreed otherwhise.

2. Reservations
Reservations can be made by e-mail. La Concia will send a booking confirmation, which will include payment details. This way of booking is legally valid for both parties.

3. Cancellation by the renter
La Concia must be informed of cancellation by e-mail. Upon receiving the cancellation, La Concia will send a confirmation of the cancellation.

In the case of a cancelled booking, La Concia will charge the renter for one of the following rental sums:

For a cancellation up to 8 weeks prior to arrival date, we charge the renter 50% of the total rental sum.
For a cancellation from 4 to 8 weeks weeks prior to arrival date, we charge the renter 75% of the total rental sum.
For a cancellation within the last 4 weeks prior to arrival date, we charge the renter the full rental sum.

In all cases a fee of 25 euros administrative costs must be paid.
Cancelled bookings cannot be transferred to third parties unless La Concia agrees.

4. Cancellation by the letter
If circumstances force La Concia to cancel the rented apartment/cottage, La Concia will immediately inform the renter, and, if possible, offer an alternative.
If the letter cannot offer an alternative, or the renter does not accept the letter’s alternative, La Concia will give a full refund of the amount already paid by the renter. Renter has no other right than the re-claim of this amount.

La Concia recommends each renter takes a cancellation insurance. In the case of a cancellation the renter can re-claim the whole rental sum or part of the rental sum, provided the reason of cancellation is covered by the insurance.

5. Liability of the renter
During their stay at La Concia the renter is fully liable to the rented appartment/cottage, inventory and all pertaining matters.
Damage to or disappearance of moveable and unmoveable matters of La Concia should be reported to the owners immediately.
Renter will immediately and fully reimburse damage caused by the renter, their traveling companions or pets to the letter.
Use of the facilities and grounds of La Concia is at the risk of the renter.

Smoking is prohibited in all guests’ quarters.

6. Liability of the letter
La Concia is not liable for damage caused by natural calamities, forces of nature, accidents, loss, theft, damage or injury, however they may occur, be caused to the renter or inflicted upon the renter by other renters. We recommend the renter to take a cancellation and travel insurance for such situations.