La Concia apartments in Tuscany

The surrounding area has a lot to offer, both in terms of culture and nature. La Concia is an ideal base for exploring this relatively unknown region, and therefore its authentic Italian ambiance.

La Concia sits amid the green hills of the Lunigiana, which are dominated by old villages and olive groves. The area is known for its Roman churches (pieve), fortified villages (borghi) and medieval castles - testimonies of a rich past.

The name "Lunigiana" derives from the Roman town of Luni.

Relatively easy hiking tracks passing through the barrier of the Apennines and the Apuan Alps have shaped a network of ancient thoroughfares which have from prehistoric times been used by many, many people (shepherds, merchants, armies, pilgrims), providing an important cultural, historical and natural basis for a visit to the area.

The surrounding area has many beautiful rivers with crystal clear water, providing a delicious coolness during the warmer hours of the day. Children will be busy for hours building dams and catching frogs and fish. And although La Concia is near the Apuan Alps and the Apennines, it’s only a 40 minutes drive to sea (also accessible by train).

The beautiful Ligurian coast offers sandy and rocky beaches, special places like Lerici (with its excellent fish restaurants), Portovenere, Fiascherino, Palmaria Island and the Cinque Terre (including hiking and snorkeling).

Nearby you can stroll amid olive groves, ancient chestnut forests or high mountains (up to 2000 meters, also excellent for rock climbing). The house is surrounded by national parks (National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, Regional Park of the Apuan Alps, the Cinque Terre National Park), and therefore offers a wide range of hiking possibilities.

The Lunigiana has always been criss-crossed by transit routes and pilgrimage routes – one of the best known is the Via Francigena.

Well-known Tuscan cities like Lucca, Pisa, Florence and Parma are within easy reach for day trips. In closer vicinity there are cities and towns worth visiting, such as Pontremoli (castle, museum "statue stele"), Sarzana (antiques market, boutique shops, nice restaurants and excellent ice cream), La Spezia (shopping), Massa (castle, museums), Carrara (marble quarries) and Fivizzano (e.g. Festival dei Sapori).

Useful information
Upon request, historical excursions can be organized – we work with local guides. Hiking tours in the mountains or rock climbing with a mountain guide are also possible, as well as cycling (MTB) and horse trekking.

We provide information on local festivals, events, concerts and other activities in the surrounding area during the period of your stay.